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Magnetic Sun Protection Shade Car Window Curtain

Safety is always number one in the car, especially when it comes to the kids. This magnetic car sun protection shade is perfect to protect your little ones from harmful UV rays and block out 92% of heat and glare from the sun. It's a must-have item for all the road trips with kids.

SUN PROTECTION AND DATA PROTECTION: The magnetic curtains can effectively protect your family and the car interior from UV rays. It is opaque, offers good privacy, and passers-by cannot see anything through the window.

DRIVING SAFETY: The curtains are free to stretch and see the rearview mirror, do not interfere with the raising and lowering of the window, nor interfere with the normal driving of your vehicle. Two-piece, can operate two windows at the same time, if you want to protect the four-sided windows, it is recommended to buy 2 sets = 4 pieces.
EASY INSTALLATION: Align the magnets with the iron window frame, which can be easily and very firmly completed in 5 seconds. It can be folded to a small size for storage. Carbon fiber and aluminum materials are not suitable for use

MATERIAL AND APPEARANCE: The window shade is made of environmentally friendly satin, odorless, and exquisite workmanship that offers a pleasant feel. Mysterious black with lamellar folds makes your car more mysterious and noble.
Weight: 400 g.
Color: gold / silver / black.
Size: front 45 * 60 cm / back seat 45 * 70 cm.

Package Includes:
2 X magnetic curtain