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Automatic Plant Water Dripper

This automatic plant watering system makes sure your plants always have water and save your time and energy. Just fill the reservoir with water once, and the device will use that water to water your plants.

Super easy to use.


The bird dripper, PS+ terracotta, can see through, small in size, and easy to use. It is a good partner for every lover!

Concise and convenient, naturally integrated into the life

The water shortage of plants can be judged according to the appearance of the birds

The terracotta tail slowly penetrates the water into the soil, allowing the plants to thrive

Add water design, add water to the beak, not easy to expose



Product weight: 72g

Product size: 16.6*7cm

Commodity material: PS+red pottery

Available colors: blue, red


Package Included:

1 Automatic Plant Water Dripper