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Garden Rubber Fingertips Claw Gloves

The Garden Rubber Gloves with Fingertips Claws are the most useful garden gloves you will ever own. They have claws on the fingertips to help you dig holes for your plantings, while the rest of the glove keeps your hands clean and protected. The gloves are made of durable latex, just like regular rubber gloves, only with claws! 

The gardening gloves are attached with 4 or 8 plastic claws. These claws are combined with gloves to keep them in working condition without falling. 

The claws can protect your hands from sand or plants, remove weeds, and make it faster and easier.

Wear gardening protective gloves for outdoor work. Protective gloves are made of natural latex. 

They are resistant to soiling and anti-skid, reducing the damage to your hands during work so that your hands are protected during work, and the gloves are waterproof. 

They can be used in dry or humid soil and Used in all weathers; they are also easy to clean.

Excellent puncture-resistant performance, enhanced shaping, durable and extensible gloves—universal size, which is very suitable for most women, men, and children.

Elastic, breathable, and comfortable with elastic cuffs. The comfort is better, and the wearing is firm.

These are ideal for digging, planting seeds and seedlings, removing weeds, loosen the soil around your veggies, or even aerating the soil in flower pots.


Type: Single Claws, Double Claws

Color: Green/Purple/Coffee

Packing: OPP Bag

Length: 24cm/9.45"

Material: Natural Latex + ABS 

Package Includes: 1 Pair X Garden Gloves